Felbermayr Wind Logistics LLC (UA) has a unique fleet of lifting equipment, consisting of the best examples of reliable special machinery, including a unique largest in the world hydraulic access platform WT 1000 by the German company Wumag Palfinger (Felbermayr classification model name is F-103 LTK), which is unique today in Ukraine there. It was developed for assembly and maintenance work on wind turbines. Mounted on a 5-axle all-terrain mobile crane chassis, the F-103 LTK can go just about anywhere. Its heavy-duty workman basket can carry nominal loads of up to 600 kg. Since it can be set up in four different stabilizing configurations, the F-103 LTK can also be operated in tight spots.  

Cage Capacity
600 kg
Working Height
102.5 m
Lateral Outreach with cage capacity 450 kg
30 m

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